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The latest, most modern production lines of 2023!!!

In 2023, we installed a new line for the production of metal tiles of various profiles and sizes in Riga (Latvia).

RKF Lebens is one of the largest companies in the Baltics, offering a wide range of high-quality products that meet the latest requirements, produced on modern production lines manufactured in 2023. Our employees have been working on product quality for private homes and industrial construction for more than 20 years. We fulfill dreams of the ideal home.


1. The length of profile sheets is made according to the dimensions given by the customer.

2. Delivery and unloading are recommended with specialized transport.

3. Metal roof coverings in packaging are recommended to be stored for no more than 2 (two) weeks.

For the production of its products, LeBens uses high-quality steel from the world's leading manufacturers.

WARRANTY - up to 50 years


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